Aircraft Sourcing

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Aviatrans assists airlines in meeting their growing fleet requirements for commercial jet aircraft. Our worldwide network and vast knowledge of the marketplace – the choices of aircraft types and configurations available and the changing market values – will help ensure that you obtain the best value for your investment. We tailor our services to meet your needs; assisting you in the complete aircraft acquisition process – matching your requirements to the right aircraft, negotiating and closing the deal and securing aircraft management services. We cover a broad range of client needs from supplying an airline with fleet expansion capacity, providing interim lift to meet seasonal traffic peaks pending the delivery of new aircraft to purchasing a new fleet of aircraft and remarketing the old fleet.

New Aircraft Acquisition.
If you are purchasing a new aircraft, Aviatrans will help you with the selection process, and we will manage the relationship with the manufacturer through the various stages ranging from specifications development through negotiations, closing, production, and delivery.

In-Service Aircraft Acquisition.
If you are seeking to add in-service aircraft to your fleet, we will draw on our extensive network of contacts throughout the industry to benefit your organization. We'll also manage the process from beginning to end, leading you every step of the way.

Our aircraft marketing and management services include:

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