Aircraft Leasing

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Aviatrans has developed a suite of aircraft leasing services for aircraft lessors and lessees. If you have excess capacity, we can leverage our worldwide network to find markets for you and assist you in obtaining the best terms and leasing conditions for your aircraft. If you are seeking capacity, we are experts at finding the right partners for you and helping you obtain the value you demand from the leasing agreement.

Dry and Wet Leasing.
Some of our clients are looking for a "dry lease" (aircraft only). Others seek a "wet lease" (ACMI–aircraft, crew, maintenance, and insurance) to help them manage increased seasonal or long-term demand, scheduled maintenance, or training. We are experts in both kinds of arrangements; furthermore, we take pride in guiding you through wet leasing arrangements, with their complex administrative requirements, making the process as straightforward and seamless as possible.

Our end-to-end leasing services include:

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